Create-An-Image Relaxation Trauma Therapy


Create-An-Image Relaxation Trauma Therapy

Mind-Body Exercise

The CAIR Therapy includes a Mind-Body Exercise to release the negative emotions, like anxiety or anger, that affect the mind and the body. This therapy is especially effective with defensive patients and oppositional children. This is true because the patient chooses which emotion he needs to release, when he is ready to release it, and how much of this emotion he is willing to release.

Not Art Therapy

It is important to note that this is not art therapy since the goal of this therapy is not the expression of emotions, but rather, the release of negative emotions in a relaxed state and the choice of positive emotions with which to replace the negative emotions. The CAIR therapy has the advantage of allowing the patient to create his own personalized, symbolic image for the release of emotional trauma and, of course, relaxation therapy has long been used for the reduction of anxiety. All patients using this right hemispheric therapy have commented on some of the advantages of this therapy over traditional “talk therapy” for the treatment of (negative) emotions related to trauma. The visual aspects of this therapy are particularly important since research has indicated that these children frequently have significantly better visual memory/processing than auditory memory/processing. Poor auditory skills can create difficulties with traditional “talk therapy.”

Negative and Positive Emotions

After the negative emotions are identified, the patient chooses positive emotions that he needs. Then he works to replace the negative emotions with these positive emotions.

Over the years, patients have chosen a variety of positive emotions including:

safety/security, joy, hope, wisdom, calmness, serenity, happiness, peace, self-esteem, self-power, trust, optimism, and clarity

Old Me New Me

Dr. Braud has used the "Old Me New Me" relaxation program for over 30 years (Mimi Lupin, 1977, 2004). The research includes results using the "Old Me New Me" relaxation program and the CAIR Trauma Therapy (which also uses the “Old Me New Me” as the relaxation program) for our patients. The "Old Me New Me" program includes physical relaxation excercises and 11 visual imagery stories like "Trip to the Star," "Trip to the Beach," and other nature related imagery stories.

Images Used with Patients

A series of images are presented to patients to help them understand the difference between negative events, which cannot be changed, and negative emotions, which can be released. Below are two of these images.

Picture #1

This picture is designed to make sure the patient understands the difference between past events they cannot change and negative emotions they can choose to let go of using the CAIR Therapy Program.

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Picture #2

The therapist explains that trauma, abuse, and negative events impact the conscious and unconscious mind. The purple line represents the fact that sometime we repress negative emotions, but they frequently effect our behavior. The patient reviews the negative emotions at the bottom of the oval and chooses the emotions they wish to release.

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Learn How to Use the program

This is a high-level description of the program. In order for it to be effective, it is necessary to follow the procedure precisely. If you are interested in learning the program, click this green button.

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