Create-An-Image Relaxation Trauma Therapy


Create-An-Image Relaxation Trauma Therapy

The Create-An-Image Relaxation Trauma (CAIR) Therapy program is an evidence-based therapy program created by Dr. Lendell Braud to help children recovering from traumatic or negative events.

How It Works

The patient understands that he/she cannot change past negative or traumatic events, but he can let go of the negative emotions related to those events. He identifies the negative emotions he wants to let go of and he creates a personalized, symbolic image or drawing (like a balloon) for the release of these emotions. When he is in a deep state of relaxation he visualizes his picture, releases the negative emotions, and brings in positive emotions that he chooses.

Dr. Lendell W. Braud

Dr. Lendell Braud was a Professor of Psychology and was employed at Texas Southern University in Houston Texas for 42 years. Dr. Braud obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Houston and spent one semester doing research at Princeton Forrestal Reasearch Center.

Dr. Braud has worked as a psychologist at numerous residential treatment centers in the greater Houston area for over 25 years and has a private practice. Her research on trauma; learning disabilities; and emotional and behavioral problems of children and teens has been published in psychological journals and she often presents her research findings at national conferences.